In 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that we had 12 years to limit catastrophe from climate change. This has become 10 years. Soon it will be 9. The clock ticks down. Greenhouse gases clock up. And we are completely failing to act.

We, the film and television industry are guilty of this failure. In the pursuit of excellence in our craft, the bigger picture gets forgotten. But this is too important to forget. There will be no screen industry in a world that has become uninhabitable.

Despair is a rational response. But resolving to change is a better one.

We know many of us care deeply and are rethinking our personal habits.  But we need to do more in our workplace. Some green initiatives have begun. Crew welcome them. But freeing film sets of plastic bottles will not solve this problem.

From clapper loader to executive producer, actor to art director, we are the workplace and we are the system. If enough of us come together to change, then we will succeed.

CUT IT was set up by film crew, including producers. The idea is to bring as many people together as we can: to talk, to fizz with ideas and finally to implement, be that through cultural change, policy change or both.

Our industry is thriving. We need the world in which it exists to thrive too. 

CUT IT needs you, whoever you are, wherever you live. 


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